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7 most haunted locations in Europe! From abandoned castles to paranormal activity, these supernatural spirits & ghosts cause some of the spookiest mysteries in Europe.

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7: The Catacombs in Paris
Beneath the surface of one of the most famous cities in the world, there is a vast network of tunnels and mine shafts. The bones and skulls of over six million people are stacked in this underground maze. The decision to place the dead here was taken in the 18th century when Paris was faced with overflowing cemeteries and a series of cave-ins
6: Chateau de Brissac
The tallest castle in France is home to one of the most famous ghosts in the world, La Dame Verte, or the Green Lady. At one point during the 15tt century, when he returned to the castle, nobleman Jacque de Breze found his wife Charlotte of France in bed with one of her huntsmen. The events that followed have been provided with two versions. One has Jacque killing Charlotte and her lover with a hundred strikes of his sword. The other has him strangling Charlotte in the Brissac Chapel Tower
5: The Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucester England
The Ancient Ram Inn was built in 1154 and throughout the years it has served as a priest’s residence, a public house and ultimately an inn. The land on which it sits is situated at the intersection of two major Ley Lines. Certain paranormal experts claim that these lines contain a significant amount of spiritual energy. On a map these particular areas have been traced back to Stonehenge, the most famous sacred site in England. It is believed that the energy which flows through the lines feed the inn’s paranormal activity
4: Moosham Castle
Also known as ‘Witches Castle’, the Moosham Castle in Salzburg, Austria dates back to the 12 century. Between 1675 and 1687 some of the most gruesome witch trials in Austrian history took place on the castle’s premises. Those found guilty of practicing witchcraft
3: The Edinburgh Castle
The Edinburgh Castle is considered by many to be the most haunted fortress in the world. The castle’s bloody heritage is considered to be one of the factors behind the reports of paranormal activity. Throughout its 900 year history it has been the site of many imprisonments, executions and surprise attacks. People stricken by the plague were sent to the castle’s dungeons where they were left to die. Lady Janet Douglas of Glamis
2: Hoia-Baciu Forest
The Hoia-Baciu Forest, located near Cluj-Napoca, Romania is considered by some to be the world’s most haunted forest. It was named after a shepherd that had disappeared in the area along with a flock of two hundred sheep. The forest is often referred to as Romania’s Bermuda Triangle. A number of unexplained apparitions and ghost sightings have been reported by those who ventured deep into the forest
1: Poveglia Island
This small island is located between Venice and Lido in Italy’s Venetian Lagoon. When the Bubonic Plague (also known as the Black Plague) swept through the European continent in the 14th century, Poveglia, like many other small islands, became a quarantine colony. People who showed symptoms of the disease were exiled on the island. For many this would prove to be a death sentence. Those too weak to oppose resistance were burned together with the dead on giant pyres located at the center of the island. Others were buried or dumped into large pits. The fires burned once more in 1630 after the Black Death had returned to the mainland, and Poveglia again became a dumping ground for Venice’s sick and desperate. The number of people that have died on the island is so great, that its core is still lined with human remains. The charred bodies mixed with the soil to create a thick layer of ash. It is believed that more than 160.000 dead bodies are embedded in Poveglia’s land mass. Despite the island’s dark history, in 1922, a psychiatric hospital was built on its premises. Before long patients started to complain about seeing the ghosts of plague victims and that, at night, they could hear the wails and cries of tormented souls. The hospital staff ignored their complaints assuming they were hallucinations caused by their medical conditions. It is rumored that one of the hospital’s head physicians performed a series of gruesome experiments on some



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